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[texts]Dipterologische studien - Becker, Theodor
"Amerikanische literatur": 2d p. after p. 394
Keywords: Dolichopodidae
Downloads: 401
[texts]A genus of maritime Dolichopodidae new to America - Wheeler, William Morton, 1865-1937
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Dolichopodidae
Downloads: 106
[texts]Dipterologische studien; Dolichopodidae der Indo-Australischen region - Becker, Theodor
Keywords: Dolichopodidae
Downloads: 119
[texts]Generic relationships of the Dolichopodidae (Diptera) based on a study of the mouth parts (Volume 18, no. 1) - Cregan, Mary Bertha, sister, 1886-
"Contribution from the Entomological laboratories of the University of Illinois, no. 214."
Keywords: Insects; Dolichopodidae
Downloads: 345
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 78 - O.O. Selivanova, O.P. Negrobov, N.A. Nechay & O.O.Maslova
Key to the Palaearctic species of the genus Hercostomus Loew (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) 3. Part. Cesa News 78: 1-6. Key of species of the third part (femur yellow, postocullar bristles black) of the genus Hercostomus Loew is composed for Palaearctic Region. For the first time, 16 species are added in this key: Hercostomus flaviventris Smirnov et Negrobov, Hercostomus nemorum Smirnov et Negrobov, Hercostomus beijingensis Yang, Hercostomus gansuensis Yang, Hercostomus wudangshanus Yang, Hercostomus...
Keywords: Dolichopodidae; Hercostomus; key; Palaearctic Region
Downloads: 177
[texts]New data on Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - Negrobov O.P. & Grichanov I.Ya.
The faunistic data of the results of collecting dolichopodids (8 species) in different regions of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during 1978â1979 are presented. From 8 species seven are recorded for Kyrgyzstan and one from Kazakhstan for the first time.
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; fauna; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan
Downloads: 145
[texts]First Records of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from Kaluga Region of Russia - Grichanov I. Ya.
First Records of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from Kaluga Region of Russia. Summary. The faunistic data of the results of collecting dolichopodids (7 species) in the Kaluga Region of Russia during short-term visit (June, 2010) are presented. All species are recorded for the first time from the region.
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; fauna; Russia; Kaluga
Downloads: 297
[texts]Grichanov I. Ya., Selivanova O. V. & Negrobov O. P. A Brief Synopsis of Palaearctic Genera of the Family Dolichopodidae (Diptera). - Grichanov I. Ya., Selivanova O. V. & Negrobov O. P.
A Brief Synopsis of Palaearctic Genera of the Family Dolichopodidae (Diptera).
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; genera; Palaearctic Region; synopsis
Downloads: 223
[texts]Plant Protection News Supplements N14, 2014 - Igor Ya. Grichanov
Alphabetic list of generic and specific names of predatory flies of the epifamily Dolichopodoidae (Diptera). Igor Ya. Grichanov. St.Petersburg: VIZR, 2014, 544 p. («Plant Protection News, Supplements», N14).The generic and specific names of predatory flies of the epifamily Dolichopodoidae (Diptera) are listed, with 277 (including 31 fossil) valid genera, 7755 valid species (including about 110 fossil species) and about 7000 lines with other names of species rank belonging to the families Dolic...
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; zoogeography; checklist; entomophage; predator
Downloads: 8
[texts]First data on Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region of Russia - Grichanov I. Ya.
The faunistic data of the results of collecting dolichopodids (32 species) in the Khantia-Mansia in July-August, 2010 are presented. All species are recorded from the Region for the first time.
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; fauna; Russia; Khantia-Mansia
Downloads: 134
[texts]Sur qulques dipteres (Bombylidae, Leptidae, Dolichopodidae, Conopidae et Chironomidae) de l'ambre de la Baltique (Volume v. 59 1916)

Keywords: species novae; amber; fossil; Leptidae; Chironomidae; Dolichopodidae; Bombyliidae; Conopidae; Diptera
Downloads: 58
[texts]Plant Protection News Supplements N13, 2014 - Igor Ya. Grichanov & Oleg P. Negrobov
Palaearctic species of the genus Sciapus Zeller (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Igor Ya. Grichanov & Oleg P. Negrobov. St.Petersburg: VIZR, 2014, 84 p. («Plant Protection News, Supplements», N13). ISBN 978-5-93717-061-3. Systematic and faunistic information on the Palaearctic species of the predatory genus Sciapus Zeller, 1842 is reviewed. New records for known species are given. Ten new species are described: Sciapus longitarsis from Israel, Golan Heights and West Bank; S...
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Sciapus; Palaearctic; zoogeography; new species; key; entomophage; predator
Downloads: 5
[texts]Grichanov_et_al_On the distribution of Diaphorus lawrencei Curran - Grichanov, I. Ya., Müller, G. C., Yefremova, Z. A., Kravchenko, V. D. & Traore, M. M.
On the distribution of Diaphorus lawrencei Curran (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) in tropical Africa. Ukrainska Entomofaunistyka, 2011, 2(5): 17-19.
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Diaphorus lawrencei; tropical Africa; Mali; new record
Downloads: 91
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Miscellaneous Papers 155 - Stefan Naglis, Patrick Grootaert, Lianmeng Wei
Srilankamyia a new dolichopodine genus (Diptera, Dolichopodidae). Cent. Ent. Stud.,Misc. Papers 155: 1-7, 3 figs. Srilankamyia is established as new genus in the Dolichopodinae. It is confined to the Oriental Region (South China, Laos, Sri Lanka), and mainly defined by the following combination of characters: long and slender fore tarsomeres, fifth fore tarsomere modified in males, costal vein swollen, abdominal segments 6 and 7 strongly pedunculate, and details of the genitalic morphology...
Keywords: Dolichopodidae; Dolichopodinae; Srilankamyia; new genus; new species; Oriental Region
Downloads: 117
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Priamus Supplement 24 - Grichanov,I.Ya.
An illustrated synopsis and keys to afrotropical genera of the epifamily Dolichopodoidae (Diptera: Empidoidea). Priamus Supplement 24: 1-98, 305 figs. The use of the epifamily rank Dolichopodoidae (type genus Dolichopus Latreille, 1796) is proposed for the Dolichopodidae s. lat., incorporating paraphyletic families Dolichopodidae and Microphoridae and subfamily Parathalassiinae incertae sedis that shares features of both Dolichopodidae and Microphoridae...
Keywords: Diptera; Empidoidea; Dolichopodoidae; Dolichopodidae; genera; Afrotropical Region; synopsis; key
Downloads: 189
[texts]Mediterranean species of the Medetera plumbella species group with description of a new peculiar species from Morocco (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) - Igor Ya. Grichanov & Nikita E. Vikhrev
The Medetera plumbella species group in the Mediterranean Region is reviewed. It comprises seven species and one subspecies including a new species Medetera varvara Grichanov & Vikhrev sp. nov. from Morocco. The species is peculiar in its fore leg decoration and sand dune habitat. A check list and revised key to species of this species group are provided.
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Medeterinae; Medetera; Palearctic; Mediterranean Region; new species; key
Downloads: 110
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 64 - Kemal,M., Mukemre,M., Kocak,A.O., Seven,E.,Grichanov,I.Y.,Kirk-Spriggs,A.H.,Grootaert,P.
New larval food-plant and pupa of the species Satyrium abdominalis in East Turkey (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae). Calophasia lunula in South East Turkey (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae). Teratolytta kulzeri, a little known Blister Beetle from East Turkey (Coleoptera, Meloidae). New records of Dolichopodidae from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Diptera, Empidoidea).
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Lycaenidae; Noctuidae; Coleoptera; Meloidae; Teratolytta; Dolichopodidae; Turkey; D R Congo; fauna
Downloads: 249
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 72 - Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak, Igor Y Grichanov
Insect life in Turkey at night. I- Upper Dez Valley, Hakkari Province, SE Turkey (Lepidoptera). Cesa News 72: 1-12, 45 figs. In this short paper, nocturnal species recorded from Dez Valley (Hakkari Province, SE Turkey) are listed and most of them illustrated in nature. Among the 78 species of moths, 48 species are identified at specific level. Faunistically, 16 species are recorded from Hakkari Province for the first time...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; moths; nocturnal; fauna; Hakkari; Dez; Turkey; insects; Orthoptera; Mantodea; Planipennia; Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Caucasus
Downloads: 216
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 84 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal, Igor Ya. Grichanov
Grichanov,Ya.I., 2012, On the Dolichopodidae fauna of Sierra Leone (Diptera). Cesa News 84: 1-11, 26 figs. urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:B52DEAF6-34F1-4515-86F4-C2A39D6ED9A3 Kemal, M. & A.O.Kocak, 2012, A new Mylabris species and subgenus for the fauna of Turkey (Coleoptera, Meloidae). Cesa News 84: 12-14, 4 figs. urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:BB9B9794-0BB2-45FD-8257-02BB292F3458 Kocak,A.O. & M. Kemal, 2012, Revised list of the scientific names referring to the persons based upon the info-system of the Ce...
Keywords: Dolichopodidae; Diptera; fauna; Sierra Leone; Lepidoptera; patronyms; Coleoptera; Meloidae; Mylabris klugi; Turkey; Hakkari
Downloads: 971
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 69 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal, I.Ya.Grichanov
Ethopia gigantea Owada in Palawan Island, The Philippines (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae). Cesa News 69: 1-2, 2 figs. The present note deals with the record of Ethopia gigantea Owada from southern Palawan Island (Philippines), with short information of the taxonomic history, diagnostic characters, illustration, and distributional map of the species. First records of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from Kaliningrad Region of Russia...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Pyralidae; Galleriinae; Ethopia gigantea; fauna; Palawan; the Philippines; Diptera; Dolichopodidae; fauna; Russia; Kaliningrad; new records
Downloads: 111
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 89 - Akin,K., Negrobov,O.P., Selivanova,O.V., I.Y.Grichanov,
On the synonymy in the genus Loxostege Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae). Cesa News 89: 1-2, 2 figs. http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:687D12A4-E09A-483C-890A-983B6580CEA8 Re-description of male and first record of Chrysotus pilitibia Negrobov et Maslova from Mongolia (Dolichopodidae, Diptera). Cesa News 89: 3-6, 5 figs. http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:B0AC1107-CD2B-4E27-873E-A2CE8EA4268E On the distribution of Syntormon pennatus Ringdahl in the Palaearctic Region and a new syn...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Pyralidae; Loxostege halil; peltaloides; synonym; nomenclature; Turkey; Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Chrysotus pilitibia; Syntormon pennatus; Mongolia; Palaearctic; fauna
Downloads: 129
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 90 - Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak, O P Negrobov, I Ya Grichanov, Olga V Selivanova
Pictorial notes on the early stages on the Lepidoptera of Turkey I. Cesa News 90: 1-14, 21 figs. http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:35E8DC48-58E0-47AF-94BA-6EEE2CC73694 Pseudocephaleia praeteritorum (Semenov) a new record for Turkey (Hymenoptera, Pamphiliidae). Cesa News 90: 15-16, 1 fig. http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:7FD42315-8674-4699-BCAF-AA63BC4CB6BC Bankisus oculatus Navas of Limpopo Province (South Africa) (Neuroptera, Myrmeleonidae)...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Tortricidae; Sphingidae; Lycaenidae; Hymenoptera; Symphyta; Pamphiliidae; Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Neuroptera; Myrmeleonidae; Turkey; Mongolia; South Africa; fauna; early stages
Downloads: 79
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 62 - Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak, Kesran Akin, I. Ya. Grichanov, O. P. Negrobov, O. V. Selivanova
Articles: 1. Cabralis gloriosus Navas of Soutpanberg Mountains (Limpopo, South Africa) (Neuroptera, Psychopsidae) 2. Smicromyrme atropos (Smith) from Soutpansberg Mountains (Limpopo, South Africa) (Hymenotera, Mutillidae) 3. Choreutis muhabbet Kocak: New provincial record in Turkey and its early stages (Lepidoptera, Choreutidae) (in Turkish) 4. Keys to Palaearctic subfamilies and genera of the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera)
Keywords: Cabralis gloriosus; Neuroptera; Psychopsidae; Smicromyrme atropos; Hymenotera; Mutillidae; Choreutis muhabbet; Lepidoptera; Choreutidae; Dolichopodidae; Diptera; South Africa; Turkey; Palaearctic; fauna; keys
Downloads: 415
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 82 - Igor Ya Grichanov, Oleg P Negrobov, Andrei A Przhiboro, Elena I Ovsyannikova, Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak
urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:8937C6BD-6157-49C0-A355-3162B0F07FEE On the Dolichopodidae fauna of Crimea (Diptera) urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:55D93F5B-855C-4652-B56A-20300835796F Nomenclatural Correction in the family Pentatomidae (Hemiptera) urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:ACB51008-AED3-4839-BAA6-2153B4D54D03 A report on the mutualism between Hemidactylus (Gekkonidae) and Laternaria (Fulgoridae) in Thailand urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:9740DDF6-2C77-4505-8378-A7B541C438AF On the occurence of Syncopacma polychrom...
Keywords: Dolichopodidae; Diptera; Ukraine; Crimea; Pentatomidae; Hemiptera; Hemidactylus; Gekkonidae; Laternaria; Fulgoridae; Syncopacma; Gelechiidae; Lepidoptera; Turkey; fauna; palaearctic; nomenclature; mutualism; Thailand
Downloads: 318
[texts]Plant Protection News Supplements, N1, 2004 - Igor Ya. Grichanov
Grichanov, I.Ya. 2004. Review of Afrotropical Dolichopodinae (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). St.Petersburg: VIZR RAAS, 245 p. («Plant Protection News Supplements», N1).Descriptions of 61 new species, new records for known African species are given. Holotypes of 40 and paratypes of 6 more species have been examined from the collections of European museums. The genus Katangaia PARENT is synonymized with Polymedon OSTEN SACKEN, Pseudohercostomus STACKELBERG with Paracleius BIGOT...
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Dolichopodinae; Argyrochlamys; Doli-chopus; Hercostomus; Lichtwardtia; Ludovicius; Paracleius; Polymedon; Tachytrechus; new species; new synonymy; new name; new record; keys; cata-log; Tropical Africa
Downloads: 2
[texts]Plant Protection News Supplements N9, 2013 - Igor Ya. Grichanov & Oleg P. Negrobov
Grichanov I.Ya. 2013. Systematic notes on West-Palearctic species of the genus Syntormon Loew (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). In: Grichanov I.Ya., Negrobov O.P. (Editors). Fauna and taxonomy of Dolichopodidae (Diptera). Collection of papers. St.Petersburg: VIZR RAAS (Plant Protection News Suppl., ISSN 1815-3682): 3-26. Grichanov I.Ya. 2013. Afrotropical species of the genus Asyndetus Loew (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) with notes on some Palaearctic and Oriental species...
Keywords: Diptera; Dolichopodidae; Asyndetus; Syntormon; Palaearctic; Russia; Greece; Israel; Afrotropical; D.R. Congo; Gambia; Madagascar; Namibia; Senegal; Oriental; India; new species; new records; key; check-list
Downloads: 397
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 75 - Muhabbet Kemal, Ahmet Omer Kocak, Igor Y.Grichanov
On egg laying behaviour of female and the occurence of Chamaesphecia doryceraeformis Lederer in Turkey (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae). Cesa News 75: 1-5, 8 figs. This short note deals with the egg laying behaviour of the species Chamaesphecia doryceraeformis in East Turkey. Egg of the species is illustrated for the first time. Phlomis kurdica is firstly reported as larval food-plant of the species. Description of female and new records of Shamshevia hoanibensis Grichanov from Namibia (Diptera, Dolichop...
Keywords: Chamaesphecia doryceraeformis; Lepidoptera; Sesiidae; behaviour; egg laying behaviour; egg morphology; larval foodplant; fauna; Van; Turkey; Diptera; Empidoidea; Dolichopodidae; Shamshevia hoanibensis; Afrotropical Region; Namibia; fauna; description
Downloads: 148
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 98 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal, Nigar Malati
New Acroceridae for the fauna of Turkey (Diptera). Cesa News 98: 1-2, 2 figs. This short note deals with the two faunistical records of Acrocera orbiculus and Ogcodes zonatus (Acroceridae) in Van Province and in Turkey. A planned faunistical survey on the Lepidoptera of Ercis District (Van Province, East Turkey). Cesa News 98: 3-10, 10 figs. This paper deals with the pterygot species hitherto recorded in Ercis district in Van Province, East Turkey...
Keywords: List; fauna; Turkey; Diptera; Acroceridae; Agromyzidae; Anthomyiidae; Anthomyzidae; Asilidae; Athericidae; Bibionidae; Blephariceridae; Bolitophilidae; Bombyliidae; Braulidae; Calliphoridae; Carnidae; Cecidomyiidae; Ceratopogonidae; Chamaemyiidae; Chaoboridae; Chironomidae; Chloropidae; Chyromyidae; Conopidae; Culicidae; Cylindrotomidae; Dolichopodidae; Drosophilidae; Empidae; Ephydridae; Fanniidae; Heleomyzidae; Hippoboscidae; Hybotidae; Keroplatidae; Lauxaniidae; Limoniidae; Lonchopteridae; Micropezidae; Milichiidae; Muscidae; Mycetophilidae; Mydidae; Mythicomyiidae; Nemestrinidae; Nycteribiidae; Opomyzidae; Pediciidae; Phoridae; Piophilidae; Pipunculidae; Platystomidae; Psilidae; Psychodidae; Pyrgotidae; Rhagionidae; Rhinophoridae; Sarcophagidae; Scathophagidae; Sciaridae; Sciomyzidae; Sepsidae; Simuliidae; Sphaeroceridae; Stratiomyidae; Streblidae; Syrphidae; Tabanidae; Tachinidae; Tephritidae; Tethinidae; Therevidae; Tipulidae; Trichoceridae; Trixoscelidae; Ulidiidae; Xylomyidae; Poland; Mecoptera
Downloads: 36
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 99 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Faunal list of the Lepidoptera of Kahramanmaras province in Turkey, together with the recorded pterygots, based upon the info-system of the Cesa. Cesa News 99: 1-178, 54 figs. In this paper, first comprehensive entomofaunistical list of Kahramanmaras Province is given. Totally 2571 species of 169 families of the orders (Odonata, Plecoptera, Dermaptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Planipennia, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera) are mentioned...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Pterygota; fauna; Kahramanmaras; Turkey; Lepidoptera: Papilionidae; Pieridae; Argynnidae; Danaidae; Libytheidae; Satyridae; Lycaenidae; Hesperiidae; Adelidae; Alucitidae; Arctiidae; Autostichidae; Bombycidae; Brachodidae; Brahmaeidae; Choreutidae; Coleophoridae; Cosmopterigidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Deoclonidae; Douglasiidae; Drepanidae; Elachistidae; Epermeniidae; Eriocottidae; Ethmiidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Hepialidae; Lasiocampidae; Lecithoceridae; Lemoniidae; Lymantriidae; Momphidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Oecophoridae; Opostegidae; Psychidae; Pterolonchidae; Pterophoridae; Pyralidae; Saturniidae; Scythridae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Thaumetopoeidae; Thyatiridae; Thyridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Yponomeutidae; Zygaenidae; Odonata; Calopterygidae; Coenagrionidae; Gomphidae; Libellulidae; Lestidae; Platycnemidae; Plecoptera; Nemouridae; Perlidae; Perlodidae; Dermaptera; Forficulidae; Labiduridae. Blattodea; Blaberidae; Blattidae; Mantodea; Empusidae; Mantidae; Orthoptera; Acrididae; Gryllidae, Pamphagidae, Pyrgomorphidae, Raphidophoridae, Tetrigidae, Tettigoniidae. Hemiptera: Corixidae, Cydnidae, Gerridae, Lygaeidae, Miridae, Nabidae, Nepidae, Notonectidae, Pentatomidae, Plataspidae, Pyrrhocoridae, Reduviidae, Rhopaliidae, Scutelleridae, Tingidae. Homoptera: Aphalaridae, Aphididae, Cercopidae, Cicadellidae, Cicadidae, Cixiidae, Delphacidae, Homotomidae, Issidae, Liviidae, Psyllidae, Tettigometridae. Planipennia: Berothidae, Chrysopidae, Hemerobiidae, Myrmeleonidae, Nemopteridae, Sialidae. Diptera: Agromyzidae, Asilidae, Bombyliidae, Dolichopodidae, Muscidae, Mythicomyiidae, Nemestrinidae, Nycteribiidae, Sepsidae, Simuliidae, Stratiomyidae, Syrphidae, Tabanidae, Tephritidae, Therevidae, Tipulidae. Hymenoptera: Andrenidae, Apidae, Argidae, Braconidae, Crabronidae, Eulophidae, Evaniidae, Formicidae, Halictidae, Ichneumonidae, Leucopsidae, Megachilidae, Melittidae, Mutillidae, Pompilidae, Scelionidae, Scoliidae, Sphecidae, Tiphiidae, Vespidae; Coleoptera; Apionidae; Attelabidae; Buprestidae; Cantharidae; Carabidae; Cerambycidae; Chrysomelidae; Cleridae; Coccinellidae; Curculionidae; Dermestidae; Elateridae; Geotrupidae; Glaphyridae; Helophoridae; Hydrophilidae; Lucanidae; Meloidae; Melyridae; Oedemeridae; Scarabaeidae; Silphidae; Staphylinidae; Tenebrionidae
Downloads: 42
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